Christopher Ackerley

NATURE Project:

Vertical Farming in Urban Environments

Using a combination of architecture and vertical farming methods to tackle the problem of food security in urban environments. By studying a variety of factors that helps vertical farms to be efficient, new design concepts around the shape of the building to maximise sunlight, increasing the PAR range for the indoor lighting and incorporating smart farming methods to create efficient crop yields in urban environments.

Building specifications
Hero image render of the building from a distance.
How the hydroponic mechanism works.
Render of the complete hydroponic system.
How light and temperature can be altered.
One of the views from the perspective of the user inside the building.



Christopher Ackerley, BSc Marketing & Design

I'm a passionate marketing and design student at Lancaster University, fascinated by the intersection of creativity and innovation. My current projects explore the future of everyday lives through the lens of vertical farming, drone technology, artificial intelligence, and post-pandemic urban design.

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