Gallery of all Human Projects. Projects in this section focus on designing for communication and interaction purposes.
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Body Shop product range (Antonia Arbova)Consumer Hydroponics in Urban Environments (William Cowper)BrainFit (Rebecca Wood) Astronomical Festival (Thomas Kelly)VisionLab x BookSmart Rebrand (Thomas Kelly)Kalami Brand Identity (Raven Trigo) Lancaster University Campus in Pixel (Raven Trigo)PSYCHE (Maysa McCubbin Maswichean)Basketball Merchandise (Maysa McCubbin Maswichean) Together. Project (Greta Grzelak)Make your life greener. (Greta Grzelak)Nature and Art Festival (Dorothy Kwong) Crowd Aware (Dorothy Kwong)King Street Arts Rebrand (Lee Tran)Slick (Lee Tran) Art Pass (Lee Tran)Giving HOPE Project (Lee Tran)UKSet (Ottilie Peterson) CHELF (Siwan Fflur Davies)BookSmart (Siwan Fflur Davies)Project Zero (Elle Nudd) Fridge (Elle Nudd)