INHABIT | LICA Festival 2024

Welcome to INHABIT, the Lancaster Institute of Contemporary Arts’ 2024 Festival showcasing work from graduating students across five disciplines. Running from 19 to 26 June 2024, the festival will consist of a series of events to exhibit architectural and design projects, film screenings, painting, drawing, sculpture and digital fine art works and performances of theatre and dance.

This year’s event is about how artists and their art, in all media and disciplines, inhabit the spaces around them. It explores how art complements, detaches, or interacts with different spaces, and how the qualities of a space may influence an artist’s work - whether it be in a studio, on the stage, or in a gallery, public space, or the home. The free event opens officially on 19 June at 6 pm.

The free-to-attend festival officially opens on June 19th at 6pm, featuring events across various on-campus venues including Bailrigg House, Bowland Annexe, the LICA Building, Peter Scott Gallery, Nuffield Theatre together with The Dukes in Lancaster city centre. We can't wait to share this exciting event and look forward to welcoming you!

Venues and opening times:

  • Bailrigg House and Bowland Annex (C Floor only)
  • Open to all from Thursday 20 June until Wednesday 26 June between 10am – 4pm

  • The LICA Building, room A36
  • Open to all from Thursday 20 June until Wednesday 26 June between 10am – 4pm

  • Locations: The LICA Building (Foyer), Bowland Annex (A and B floors), Peter Scott Gallery
  • Opening times: Thursday 20 June until Wednesday 26 June, between 10am – 4pm.


Monday 24 June at 6pm-8pm, followed by a Q&A session and reception.      
      1. Fleas (Maria Hill)
      2. What’s Here Still (Hugo Light)
      3. Just Keep Practicing (Paula Gal)
      4. Thank You for Your Service (Dawid Stasiak)
      5. Psychosis (Alexia Bazavan)
      6. Tommy the Superhero (Sam Turnbull)
      7. White Daffodil (Wen Yun)
      8. Out of My Place (Sky Fong)

Tuesday 25 June at 2pm-5pm
     1. Flavours of Home: The Story of Two Thai (Felicia Chu)
     2. Beyond Superficial (Jin Wang, Grace May)
     3. Look Out For Your Friends (Edie Simpkins)
     4. The Birdhouse (Thomas Harris)
     5. The Furthest Distance In The World (Bowie Chen)
     6. BROKEN (Naomi Onakunle)
     7. Money Shot Dukes Version (Freya Stoodley and Leoni Launder)
     8. On memories (Barbara Raska)
     9. Retrospect (Jessica Broad)
     10. The Barn Owl (Joe Simpkins)
     11. Selfportrait (Anqi Chen)
     12. Irish Dreams screening (Sky Fong)
     13. Menina e Moça (Ana Maria Martins)
     14. The Female Curse (Flora Ng and Alexia Bazavan)
     15. Aprocura auniao (Carolinaa Silva)
     16. I'm Not Really Here (Alessa Maitland Smith)
     17. OCULUS (Samira Shaaban)
     18. E-MOTION (Siwen Huang)
     19. Sense-less (Eloise Jenkins and Barbara Raska)
     20. Or Was There (Freyja Williams)
     21. KITSCH (Ethan Ward)

  • Location: Nuffield Theatre
  • Free tickets - open to all (subject to capacity). Participants can attend any event from the start.