Alexandra Angeles Caycho

Human Experiences Project:

Together Project
Together Project outlines a mission of creating recreational spaces across derelict buildings and unused spaces within the city. It would include the implementation of rooftop gardens and connections between different hubs, such as a short walkable bridge connections asbove the ground and a public transporation link for longer distances between sites.

The project aims to bring together the residents of the city through creating themed spaces, including sports, arts, and education. It would promote healthy lifestyle hobbies and provide the sense of togetherness between communities, while saving physical spaces and abandoned historical buildings.



Alexandra Angeles Caycho, BA Fine Art and Design

Graphic Design

With a bright and quirky design style, I constantly seek to improve my techniques and expand my skills. I enjoy a challenge and appreciate learning experiences. With every project I undertake, whether individual or collaborative, I gain valuable growth opportunities in this industry.

I have experiences within the design industry as well as various other industries such as hospitality, education, and childcare.

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Alexandra Angeles Caycho