Maysa McCubbin  Maswichean

World Building Project:

The Preserve PRO
This project was created to demonstrate the interplay between innovation and design through theory and AI Application. We were tasked with illustrating concepts for a product or service that addresses a specific issue within Food Systems. In this case, I selected food waste as my core competency and the underprivileged margin of society as a target demographic.

The Preserve PRO, utilizing nanocomposite self-healing compounds, serves as a greater sustainable alternative to plastic film wrap for preserving organic items. Extending the shelf-life of products while maintaining its integrity combats the waste of decayed items as it grants people extra time to use the ingredients.

Final product render.
Finalised sketch.
Prototype sketches.
Advert 1.
Advert 2.
Aldi ‘PRO’ sticker.
Interview Picture 1.
Close up instructions.
Interview Picture 2.



Maysa McCubbin Maswichean, BA Hons Design

Product & Graphic Designer. As a design executive, cultivating a keen creative interest is my passion. My prowess lies within driving meaningful change by shaping innovative solutions.

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