Maysa McCubbin  Maswichean

World Building Project:

The Dream Machine
This module helped develop an understanding of the speculative approach of Design Fiction as world-building through practice. This involves considering the potential futures of a chosen emerging technology through the creation of artifacts that concretise such future worlds.

My concept consisted of a 'Dream Machine' that records dreams and categorizes them into themes for participants to view or upload to 'dream therapists' for the content to be analyzed. Since the module was about the intricate details of monetisation and data privacy, I also included different packages such as the grief package for families to own their deceased dreams after death as well as military inclusions.

Render for the product.
Render for the product with logo etched.
Render for the product and its case.
App Interface.
Corporate level visualisation, for the ‘Dream Therapy’ office.
Dream machine product packaging.
Provocative Advertising.
Information Leaflet.



Maysa McCubbin Maswichean, BA Hons Design

Product & Graphic Designer. As a design executive, cultivating a keen creative interest is my passion. My prowess lies within driving meaningful change by shaping innovative solutions.

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