William Cowper

Human Experiences Project:

The Design Attic online signage builder tool
For this project, we worked alongside an external client - The Design Attic - to reimagine how they could implement a range of bespoke and highly customisable wayfinding signage. On top of creating physical renders of a standardised range of signage, I devised a web prototype to showcase how TDA may want to showcase how said signage could be customised through the lens of the user. The walkthrough visualisation takes specific inspiration from websites such as M&Ms, Brompton Bikes, and Vans shoes customisation tools. These screens were presented to the client at the edn during the module showcase and have helped inform TDA of their next steps as a business. The web prototype is the product of months of user testing and industry research both primary and secondary. 

1.0.0 Landing Page.
1.1.1 Account Creation. 
1.2.0 Signage Quantity Selection.
1.3.0 Signage Appearance selection.
1.3.1 Signage Appearance Style Applied.
1.4.0 Signage Purpose Elements selection.
1.4.1 Signage Purpose Elements Applied.
1.5.0 Review Edits.
1.6.0 Edit another sign (cannot checkout until done).



William Cowper, BA Design (Placement year)

User-focused design student with a keen passion for exploring heuristics in design systems and creating widely accessible design patterns through User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design.
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