Lee Tran

Human Experiences Project:

Slick, RSA Student Design award Brief.
This was a submission to the RSA Student Design Award 2024, which I proudly made it to the top 10 for my chosen brief. 

Slick: a social app dedicated to providing a safe space for male students to openly discuss skin concerns. Through trained volunteer support, Slick aims to eliminate the reluctance students may have in sharing their problems. In addition, a campaign promotes skin positivity, fostering self-acceptance and mutual support among students.

Hero image.
Mock up posters.
Singular mockup poster 1.
Singular mockup poster 2.
Branding on phone render.
Key UI Screens.
UI for Chat screen.
Sign up screen.



Lee Tran, BSc Marketing & Design

I’m a designer with a love for branding and telling great stories through visuals (always wanted to say that!). ‮!٩‬

I was born and raised in Vietnam, where creativity is often underappreciated. However, this never stopped my passion for expressing myself creatively.

My journey hasn’t always been straightforward, but I eventually discovered my love for design and branding. I’ve made some great progress that I’m pretty proud of.

I can’t wait to add more exciting chapters to my creative journey. If you are interested or have a project in mind, let’s get talking! ☻

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