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Project Zero
Project Zero is an ambitious urban design project that aims to create the first entirely
sustainable and truthfully net-zero-carbon community on Earth. As one of the leading cities for renewable energy production in the UK, Lancaster is a perfect site for a trial of this type of living. Our goal is that the entirety of Lancaster’s population will be separated from the natural world, and will run on 100% renewable energy within a 15-minute city. The natural world will begin to rewild and heal, sitting apart from the damage that humans currently create. Sustainability is a massive concern for urban designers and needs to be heavily considered as part of the future city. This project acts as a thought experiment as to what the extremes of separated human and natural living could look like, and what the radical aesthetics of our future could be if climate change does not slow.



Rebecca Wood, BA Fine Art and Design

Design Fiction & Urban Design

Hi! I’m Becca- an interdisciplinary artist and designer specialising in urban design and design fiction. I am particularly interested in the use of speculative design and world-building to ask questions about our future- especially in the context of what cities and urban societies of the future may look like. Through both my art practice and my design work, I aim to open up new perspectives on our world by imagining alternate realities. In doing so, I hope to create a playful image of the future in which cities are designed for joy as much as they are for function.
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Rebecca Wood