Brooke Williams

World Building Project:

Pod-Up: Hybrid Homes
This project was a challenge to use design thinking to tackle a prevalent issue (Using the RSA Briefs in 2022), I chose to look at the Hybrid Home. I designed ‘Pod-Up’, a modular desk set-up that tackles the issue many students have with transferring between home and campus for hybrid lessons.

Pod-Up brochure cover page.
Explanation of the idea, what it is, and addressing the bigger picture.
Explanation of how the idea works, and some use cases where specific users would benefit from it.
Pod-Up Logo.



Brooke Williams, BA Fine Art & Design (Placement year)

As an Art and Design student I am interested in both Visual Design and the opportunities for learning it provides. 
I enjoy studying Graphic Design and learning Design. I explored this area through a placement in Learning Design and Innovation team at FedEx as well as studying the area for my dissertation research project.
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Website:  https://bjw120602.wixsite.com/bwilliamsportfolio
Brooke Williams