Antonia Arbova

World Building Project:

Orama is a product engineers to interface between select areas of the brain, enhancing sensory perception to generate vivid visualizations of the surrounding environment.

This product is developed through the methods of design fiction and speculative design.

Developed with a world where technological advancements have rapidly escalated, humanity finds itself reliant on AI assistants and robots to navigate daily life. Utilising electromagnetic technology similar to that employed in modern brain scans, we can manipulate sensory faculties to augment them, thereby generating visual imagery similar to that experienced during dreaming.



Antonia Arbova, BA Hons Design + Marketing Minor

Graphics, Brand and Strategy

Since a young age design has always been an interest of mine. Over the past three years at University I have had the privilege to continue perusing my passion through experiences and projects both in and outside of University.

As an ambitious young designer I aim to one day be able to make a change.

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Antonia Arbova