Dorothy Kwong

Human Experiences Project:

Nature and Art Festival

For an art festival project in University module LICA 241, I conceptualised a festival that seamlessly integrates elements of art and nature. The event features unique attractions such as a music lotus pool, a butterfly fountain, a green maze, and a large mushroom resting area.

My belief is that all art originates from nature, and nature itself is a magificent work of art. Interactive nature art sculptures will enable attendees to explore and appreciate the beauty of the natural world while deepening their understanding of the art created by mother earth.

Map design.
Lotus leaf interactive exhibit.
Festival Ticket Design.
Fountain addition to Williamson Park.
Maze addition to the butterfly garden.
Aerial view of the mushroom additions to the grounds.
Posters on a billboard.
Poster graphics.
Posters on Lancaster University Campus.
Merchandise example 1. 
Website mockup.
Merchandise example 2.
Website mockups.



Dorothy Kwong, MSc Marketing & Design

“Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible” By Jared Spool.

I aim to work on good designs that integrated into everyday life and provide better living quality.

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Dorothy Kwong