Antonia Arbova

World Building Project:

My Kellogg’s
A fast moving consumer group app for ‘Kellogg’s’ which acts as a customer platform for increasing interaction and experience satisfaction.

FMCG companies now own over 70% of the commercial market, without the knowledge of their customers. ‘My Kellogg’s’ has been created to provide a clearer navigation for Kellanova customers.

This is done through implementing interactions such as co-delivery, personalisable packaging and gamification.



Antonia Arbova, BA Hons Design + Marketing Minor

Graphics, Brand and Strategy

Since a young age design has always been an interest of mine. Over the past three years at University I have had the privilege to continue perusing my passion through experiences and projects both in and outside of University.

As an ambitious young designer I aim to one day be able to make a change.

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Antonia Arbova