Brooke Williams

World Building Project:

The Metaverse University
In this project we looked at creating a design Fiction: Designing fictional products or services to build a hypothetical world around a potential technology. I designed the hypothetical Metaverse University, building an imagined world around it through a University Prospectus, a critical news article and building a headset product. The project explores potential problems with the technology such as Privacy, inclusivity and sustainability.

The Metaverse University brochure cover page.
The Metaverse University brochure spread 1 outlining student endorsements and safety guidelines.
The Metaverse University brochure spread 2 outlining various campaigns similar to that of a current University.
Potential advertisement for the product including its new features and capabilities.
Critical news article, made with AI for the body copy.
The Metaverse University Logo emblem.
Prototype of the physical model.



Brooke Williams, BA Fine Art & Design (Placement year)

As an Art and Design student I am interested in both Visual Design and the opportunities for learning it provides. 
I enjoy studying Graphic Design and learning Design. I explored this area through a placement in Learning Design and Innovation team at FedEx as well as studying the area for my dissertation research project.
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Website:  https://bjw120602.wixsite.com/bwilliamsportfolio
Brooke Williams