Greta Grzelak 

Human Experiences Project:

Make your life greener.

This project was developed as a part of university module LICA 244, which adopted the brief from Student Design Awards. My project aimed to find a way of promotion of new relationships to food, that are more secure and regenerative. I designed an app that consist of four sections: habit and savings tracker, meal planner, and awards system. The goal was to design an accessible all-in-one app, that the group of users will need to make a bigger impact towards sustainable future. 

Hero front cover page.
Social and environmental impact.
Research and insights.
Various wireframe screens.



Greta Grzelak, BA Design

For each creative scenario, I seem to find hundreds of possibilities and directions to take, and part of the enjoyment is following the ideas and seeing where they lead.

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Greta Grzelak