Raven Trigo

Human Experiences Project:

Lancaster University Campus in Pixel
This piece was a passion project completed at the end of the year, during a time where I was exploring various forms of media to step outside my comfort zone. 

Despite having limited knowledge in pixel art, I decided to challenge myself by creating a detailed representation of Alexandra Square. This allowed me to combine my passion for digital art with my appreciation for the university's environment. 

The process involved learning and applying pixel art techniques.  As a result, I believe I captured the essence of Lancaster University campus in a unique and nostalgic style, highlighting the distinctive features of the buildings to foster a sense of connection for those who have experienced it. 

Lancaster University Campus in Pixel.
“Beautiful Apocalypse”



Raven Trigo, MSc Marketing & Design

As a marketing and design student, I am passionate about utilising various art mediums to communicate impactful messages. My time at Lancaster University has enabled me to merge strategic thinking with artistic expression. Each of my projects reflects a commitment to storytelling and an innovative approach to visual communication.

After graduating, I aspire to make a significant impact in the fields of marketing and design by bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to every project I pursue.

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Raven Trigo 

Raven Trigo