Raven Trigo

Human Experiences Project:

Kalami Brand Identity
During my time as a marketing intern, I played a vital role in developing the brand identity for Kalami, a Filipino restaurant. My responsibilities included curating visual and written content to effectively promote the business and its offerings. The images showcase various projects I managed, including promotional compaigns, menu designs, and social media strategies. These projects were developed to enhance the restaurant’s appeal and align with the desired brand image, ensuring a consistent and engaging communications to target their audience.

Hero image.
Business cards.
Menu Design.
Loyalty card and QR code aspect.
Set meals poster and various branding examples.



Raven Trigo, MSc Marketing & Design

As a marketing and design student, I am passionate about utilising various art mediums to communicate impactful messages. My time at Lancaster University has enabled me to merge strategic thinking with artistic expression. Each of my projects reflects a commitment to storytelling and an innovative approach to visual communication.

After graduating, I aspire to make a significant impact in the fields of marketing and design by bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to every project I pursue.

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Raven Trigo 

Raven Trigo