Elle Nudd

World Building Project:

Dose is a brand of pharmaceutical printers that are provided to elligable patients who either struggle with a specific illness or are older with more advanced healthcare needs.

This device is intended to help patients better manage their health by providing immediate and personalised healthcare.

Computer Website.
Dose logo.
Dose letter.
Dose phone.
Dose box on table.
Dose machine.



Elle Nudd, BA Fine Art & Design

As a design student who specialises in graphic design, I have been driven by a passion for creating compelling brand narratives and visual identities.

Throughout my coursework, I have developed my skills in logo design, typography, color theory, and strategic branding in order to hit each varying brief whilst focusing on crafting cohesive and memorable brand experiences. My projects reflect a commitment to blending creativity with strategic thinking, resulting in each project resonating with its target audience in a fun and engaging manner.

This degree show represents the culmination of my growth and exploration into the vast world of design, showcasing my dedication to building strong, impactful brands.

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