Siwan Davies

Human Experiences Project:

Design Consultancy: BookSmart
A consultancy group project where we worked with a real client, BookSmart Accounting from Carnforth, to develop a new brand identity.
My main responsibility for this project was the logo development and brand guidelines as well as overall preparation and research leading up to the design process.

Brand Guidelines 1: General Logo.
Brand Guidelines 2: Clear space.
Brand Guidelines 3: Full variations.
Brand Guidelines 5: Colour Guidance.
Brand Guidelines 6: Headings and Body.
Brand Guidelines 4: Icon Variations.
Brand Guidelines 8: Branded Accessories.
Logo icon.
Brand Guidelines 7: Shapes and patterns.
Full logotype.
Logo Ideation.



Siwan Davies, BSc Marketing & Design

Looking back at my time in Lancaster University, I have gorwn so much in my view of design as well as my skillset. Arriving with limited experience, the past three years have pushed me to make the most of the opportunities surrounding me and encouraged me to find my love for graphic design, and branding in particular.

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