Dorothy Kwong

Human Experiences Project:

Crowd Aware

As part of the visualisation project, I developed an application called “Crowd Aware”. This app is designed to provide users with real-time alerts about road congestion during navigation. By offering more efficient routes, it helps users sace time and reduce the risk of encountering traffic jams. Additionally, “Crowd Aware” contributes to alleviating city traffic, thereby helping to decrease the likelihood of road accidents.

App on phone 1.
App on phone 2.
App screen on phone.
App store 2.
App store 1.
App store 3.
App store layout.
App store search.
App icon.
Map visualisation.
Vertical ads on billboard.
Visualisation for ads vertical.
Horizontal ad visualisation for billboards.
Horizontal ad visualisation.



Dorothy Kwong, MSc Marketing & Design

“Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible” By Jared Spool.

I aim to work on good designs that integrated into everyday life and provide better living quality.

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Dorothy Kwong