William Cowper

NATURE Project:

Consumer Hydroponics in Urban Environments
As part of the module for Design Innovation, we were tasked with improving one element of the existing food supply chain for the future. The only stipulation was to incorporate AI (in some way) to improve the experience. I choose to offer a potential solution for food shortages in urban environments. This was done by encouraging users to install their own hydroponic spaces (which can be in as small as a cupboard). AI would then be used to monitor the vitals of the plants remotely, ensuring the user can continue their busy daily life stress free.   

Visualisation of the key user interaction.
4 key features of the application, in an ‘App store’ carousel layout.
Cartoon depiction of the user journey.
Render of where the plant’s roots will sit.
Side render of the nutrients tube insert location.
Top-down view.
Render of the assembly of the different components.
Focus render of the connection (interference fit) 



William Cowper, BA Design (Placement year)

User-focused design student with a keen passion for exploring heuristics in design systems and creating widely accessible design patterns through User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design.
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