Siwan Davies

Human Experiences Project:

Food waste has become a significant challenge for both sustainability and resource management, and therefore producing innovative solutions is crucial. This project aims to face the challenge of food waste head-on by making the most of current technologies and future focused trends.

By overcoming technological, societal and political hurdles, I aimed to identify and innovate a solution that seamlessly integrates a tool we must learn to adopt; AI.

This app allows you to scan the barcode of your foods, keeps track of what food you have, and suggests recipes and meal plans based on available foods you have. The app connects to a recycled plastic mat (which is placed on your fridge/cupboard shelf) that acts like food scales which weighs the foods you have on it and keeps track of how much you have left. This will allow the app to suggest more accurate recipe ideas.

App Screen 1.
App Screen 2.
App Screen 3.
App Screen 5.
App Screen 6.
App Screen 4.
Board 2.
Board 1.
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Board Prototype.
Board Prototype 2.
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Logo Green.
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Siwan Davies, BSc Marketing & Design

Looking back at my time in Lancaster University, I have gorwn so much in my view of design as well as my skillset. Arriving with limited experience, the past three years have pushed me to make the most of the opportunities surrounding me and encouraged me to find my love for graphic design, and branding in particular.

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