Siwan Fflur Davies

Dissertation Project

Biomimicry within the context of graphic design.
"According to Ilieva (et al.), “Biomimicry is an interdisciplinary approach to study and transfer principles or mechanisms from nature to solve design challenges” (Ilivea, et al., 2022). In other words, biomimicry is the “conscious emulation” (Fehler, 2022) of nature’s function. The Greek word ‘bio’ means life, and the ‘mimicry’ part of the word means to imitate, and so to practice in ‘biomimicry’ you are attempting to imitate life." 

Therefore within my dissertation, I attempted to explore what extent does the graphic design industry embrace biomimicry, and how can its integration enhance the efficacy and innovation of graphic design practice? Let’s find out... 

See featured my portfolio which was presented alongside my final dissertation. 

Secondary Research 1
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Secondary Research 2
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Siwan Davies, BSc Marketing & Design

Looking back at my time in Lancaster University, I have gorwn so much in my view of design as well as my skillset. Arriving with limited experience, the past three years have pushed me to make the most of the opportunities surrounding me and encouraged me to find my love for graphic design, and branding in particular.

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