Greta Grzelak 

NATURE Project:

B.Grow, portable smart greenhouse

The aim of this project was to develop an innovative design future project. The goal was to address a food system issue and integrate the use of AI. B.Grow concept of a portable smart greenhouse was inspired by the indoor farming trend, to challenge food production issues. It encourages the users to grow their vegetables in their own environment without any space limitations, and assisted with an AI features for a balanced crop nutrition and plant health.

Promotional material including 3D Render, app screens.
Promotional material including 3D Render, app screens.
4 different app / monitor screens.
3D Render of the portable smart greenhouse.
View from above, showcasing the monitor screen.
Tablet UI.



Greta Grzelak, BA Design

For each creative scenario, I seem to find hundreds of possibilities and directions to take, and part of the enjoyment is following the ideas and seeing where they lead.

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Greta Grzelak