Thomas Kelly

NATURE Project:

Agricultural Resource Control
This is a theoretical project proposing an A.I integrated system for resource control within agriculture, specifically based around improving yield within farms. Linking up to a multi-sensor system this A.I interface would maximise resource use throughout a farm, reducing waste water, compost and fertiliser.

Multiple Screens
Screen for single plant yield.
Overview Screen Render.
Plant Yield Screen Render.
Ask AI Render.
Artefact Render.
Artefact in situ.
Overview Screen.
Artefact Transparent.
Ask AI Screen.
Plant Yield Screen.


Thomas Kelly, BSc Marketing and Design

My experience with design has been expansive during the 3
years of my Marketing and Design Degree at Lancaster. Each
project I have worked on has challenged me to expand my
knowledge of design further and, inspiring me to create a
website called the ‘Design student’ to document my journey
through design
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