Raven Trigo

World Building Project:

My 3rd Year Bowland Tower Bedroom

Through the skills and experiences gained from the LICA241 University module, I developed a piece titled "My 3rd Year Bowland Tower Bedroom". 

In this module, I acquired proficiency in 3D design using software such as SketchUp and Adobe Dimensions. Building on this foundation, I further explored advanced 3D modelling tools, including Blender and Nomad Sculpt, which I utilised to create this piece. 
This project showcases the application of learned techniques and demonstrates my ability to leverage various design software to produce detailed and realistic visualisations. 

Study and bed space.
Full expanded view.
Close up of the desk space.
Study and bed space 2.
Top down view.
Close up of the desk space 2.



Raven Trigo, MSc Marketing & Design

As a marketing and design student, I am passionate about utilising various art mediums to communicate impactful messages. My time at Lancaster University has enabled me to merge strategic thinking with artistic expression. Each of my projects reflects a commitment to storytelling and an innovative approach to visual communication.

After graduating, I aspire to make a significant impact in the fields of marketing and design by bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to every project I pursue.

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Raven Trigo 

Raven Trigo