Waves’ is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s magnificent modernist novel ‘The Waves’. The piece blends haunting language, an original soundscape, bespoke choreography, mesmerising lighting and an ingenious use of film projected onto moving materials. The crew and two performers create a stage environment that evolves with each scene, just like the ocean itself. By such means, they transform the stage into a living, breathing space that ripples, foams, curls, and breaks.  As a result, movement, film, light, set and sound don’t just capture the phases of a wave in Woolf’s poetic novel.  Rather, they expose the very conditions of the theatre itself.  

Immerse yourself.  Risk falling off the edge of the world into nothingness.  Sink and settle on the waves.  Let the sea drum in your ears.  Roll over the waters.  Let it shoulder you under.  Be arch, gay, languid, sublime by turns.  Be made and remade continually.  

Our Experience Making ‘Waves’
Our experience of creating Waves has been a stimulating, challenging and rewarding, reflecting our individual and collective growth. Working together over many months has been demanding but inspiring and empowering as we have watched our work flourish into the production you will experience. We have relished the opportunity to explore not only the waves of Woolf’s writing, but also ocean waves, light waves, and sound waves.  

As a team of talented, like-minded people specialising in different areas of theatre production, we have taken most pleasure from integrating our different contributions within this collective enterprise.  This has brought us closer as a team.  We hope you enjoy it!

Cast and Crew

Freya Baker
Project Manager, Set and Costume Designer, Performer

Hedda Dent

Alessa Maitland Smith

Ana Maria Martins

Finlay Haley
Sound Designer

Samira Shaaban
Lighting Designer
Hair and Make-up Designer

Siwen Huang
Projection Designer