Film Synopsis

Watersong is intended as a form of meditation. Inspired by Stan Brakhage, it immerses the viewer in modes of seeing and experiencing which prioritise physicality and seek to disrupt their normal emotional state. This meditative form is used to replicate the experience of being submerged in water, in which sensation in the body overwhelms that of the mind, allowing for what I can only describe as the emptying out of the head.

This film was made as part of the LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice    

✿ Festivals selections so far:
1. Filmed Up, Manchester 
2. Sound & Vision Short Film Night
3. Centrally Isolated Film Festival

Cast & Crew

Swimmer - Yun Wen
‘Yun is a graduating student majoring in film and minoring in theater. She started her acting journey in 2017, and she has been involved in multiple theater plays and short film productions throughout these years. She enjoys using the different characters that she plays in front of the camera to explore herself.’
Assistant Camera – Fergal Harte
‘Fergal is a screenwriter who has penned several student projects, including 'An Angry Voice and One Who Cries' (2023) and 'Smoke & Stars' (2023), as well as having directed the upcoming 'Cocoon' (2024).’
Anna Davis - Director 
‘Anna is a Fine Art and Film student. She has worked as a production designer, most recently for Paint (2024), as well as a cinematographer, and editor. She also enjoys directing her own shorts and video art, such as Dupe (2024), an art/film/youtube hybrid exploring the construction of an online persona.’


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Anna Davis