Violet Owens

My practice explores abstractions of the body, both physically and through my chosen media, raising questions about how we use and view the body in art. I use sculpture to deconstruct and rearrange the body, treating it as a ‘still life’ setting. Tattooing, in relation to fine art, specifically painting, is also crucial to my practice, establishing a dialogue between skin and canvas, and between mark-making processes particular to tattoo art and fine art practice. 

This body of work is due in part to the struggle I had in finding models and references outside of a life drawing class. To create interesting and ambiguous compositions, I asked friends to pose for me, I made clay figures in response, and later casts of arms and legs, allowing for an extraordinary scope of exploration. I have taken inspiration from Gericault, Francis Bacon, and Wim Delvoye, alongside extensive reflection, and experimentation. 

Integral to my practice’s creative process is the special attention I give to the making aspect – including tools, different mediums, mark making, colour theory, and experimenting with unconventional methods or processes – this remains critical to the enjoyment and development of my practice as a contemporary fine artist.