Film Synopsis

My experimental film ‘Touch’ opens the viewer to a new way of seeing. The film is based on my perception of various objects that I touched with my eyes closed. I was exploring the materiality and textures of these objects to create different impressions in my mind. I then represented these impressions through abstracted animations. The influences behind this work were lyrical films and Stan Brakhage.  

This film was made as part of the module LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice.

Steven Saunders

A third-year Fina Art (Hons) student. Anthropocentric ways of living have created a disconnect with nature. My practice explores the non-human voices that are being ignored as a result of this. I focus on lichen due to their relationship with the concept of time which contrasts to that of humans. Lichen is responsive to the changing atmosphere caused by human pollutants, its gradual growth and sensitivity to the environment is the opposite of the rapid destruction of the climate by humankind today.

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