Tommy the Superhero

Tommy the Superhero (2024) is an incredibly ambitious project which came to life in a way I never expected. With a cracking cast and crew, this dissertation film tackles the superhero genre in a micro-budget short and attempts to twist a narrative that so many studios have exploited. I’m so thankful to all the incredibly talented people who agreed to help me make this project, as their help and support are the only reason it exists in the first place and honestly, I could not have asked for a better team. The story of Tommy the Superhero was important for me to tell because it proves that even when things are bad, anyone can find the courage to ask for help. 
Sam Turnbull (Writer & Director)

Film Synopsis 

Tommy is a young Lancashire lad who dreams of being one thing: A Superhero! But with every part of his life shaded with misery, he will have to search deep down within himself to become the real hero he pretends to be.  

This film was produced as part of a final-year practice-based dissertation project.


Tommy: Rowan Sherriff 
Mikey: Joe Lantos 
Mum: Kirsty Callaly 
Dad: Jay Mcmahon 
Thugs: David Lowe  
               Darren White 
Victim: Aison Clark 
Man on Bench: Tom Oliver 
Rowan Sheriff as Tommy
Kirsty Callaly as Mum
Joe Lantos as Mikey
Jay McMahon as Dad
Aison Clark as Victim



CrewCrew List

Thomas Coeling
Samuel Poon
Sammy Seeley
Sam Turnbull
Roshan Adve
Phoebe Elizabeth
Melisa Eryuksel
Luke Shilliam
Leoni Launder
Freya Stoodley
Eve Harding
David Mead

Writer and Director: Sam Turnbull 

Producer: Freya Stoodley 

1st Assistant Director: Melisa Eryuksel 
Script Supervisor: Thomas Cronin 

Director of Photography: Sammy Seeley 
1st Assistant Camera: Sky Fong 
2nd Assistant Camera: Samuel Poon

Production Designer: Leoni Launder 
Key Hair and Make-up: Phoebe Elizabeth  
Assistant Hair and Make-up: Leoni Launder 

Sound Recordist 1: Eve Harding 
Sound Recordist 2: Luke Shilliam 
Best Boy Electric: David Mead 
Production Assistant: Roshan Adve 
Data Wrangler: David Mead 
BTS Photographer: Maria Hill 

Editor: Sam Turnbull 

Sound Mixer: Roshan Adve 
Colourist: Sammy Seeley 
Graphic Designer: David Mead  
Ben Branton: Composer  

Behind the Scene Photos

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