The Vanishing Reel


Film Synopsis

An actor goes on a relaxing retreat to a lonesome cabin to get away from the cinema lifestyle. However, once there he notices cameras, an audience and becomes trapped in an aspect ratio and needs to find a way to escape. 

This film was made as part of the LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice

✿  Selected for Lancaster International Film Festival (LIFF). 

Director’s Statement

This film was created to experiment with the homogenised interpretations of aspect ratios in contemporary media. Through this the aspect ratios within the film become ever-changing and diegetic within the narrative, lending the viewers eyes to notice the “black bars” that have become so synonymous with film as more than just eye candy. It is also heavily inspired by the pioneering animations of Norman Maclaren and Max Fleischer and the focus on meta-narratives and fourth wall breaks within their works. 

 Dawid Stasiak (Writer & Director)  


Written, Directed and Edited by Dawid Stasiak

Loved making this one, it was great fun not only directing such an interesting and funny concept but also playing the role of Charlie which was a new experience for me as I’ve never acted before.

Camerawork by Eve Howland

I had never worked on a film set before but loved working on the camera for this film. 

Stills &Behind the Scene Photos

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