The Cave Without Shadow  

Film Synopsis

This film was first and foremost an attempt to re-enchant the world. To show how ordinary objects can become extraordinary when seen through a different perspective. By creating assemblages out of ordinary objects and then displaying only their shadow, the ambiguity of what the objects casting the shadow is and how they are joined together, allows the imagination to run free and untamed. My overall hope with the film was to free the imagination of the viewer, so that their lives may be re-enchanted with the magic of the imagination.  

This film was made as part of the module LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice.

✿ Cave Without Shadow was shown at the Fresh Dirt exhibition in Birmingham, Alabama.  


Joe Simpkins

Joe Simpkins is a twenty-one year old multifaceted artist and Surrealist currently based in Lancaster. In 2023 he joined the international Surrealist movement by founding The Lancaster Surrealist Group. His artworks and films have been exhibited in Lancaster, UK and Birmingham, USA.  



Director: Joe Simpkins  
With Assemblages made by: Phoebe Davis and Joe Simpkins  
Sound Mixer and Boom Operator: Itzel Franco  
Camera Assistant: Phoebe Davis  
Gaffer: Caitlin Armstrong  

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