Thank You For Your Service


Thank You For Your Service was inspired by the objectified and fantasised treatment of war veterans within modern media. It was produced as part of a practical dissertation project examining special and practical effects in war films. The exploration of war veteran’s true emotions and feelings was a core focus within the film, which highlights the irony of contemporary interviews and questions that follow a typical targeted and leading question approach. Furthermore, we intended to address men’s mental health, questioning toxic and chauvinistic depictions of characters as well as those who’s true feelings are hidden inside.   
Dawid Stasiak (Writer & Director)

This film was produced as part of a final-year practice-based dissertation project.

Film Synopsis 

An intrusive and aggressive interview approach from a documentary director towards a fresh war veteran, result in a PTSD episode which progressively gets worse. 

This film was produced as part of a final-year practice-based dissertation project.


Aison Clark as John Sprig
Alex Candlin as James Simpson
Felicia Chu

CrewCrew List

Naomi Onakunle – Sound Designer

Luke Shilliam – Assistant Camera

Siwen Huang – BTS Photographer

James Rist – Assistant Director

Maria Hill – DoP/Cinematographer

Eve Harding – Producer

Dawid Stasiak – Writer & Director

Director, Writer, Editor – Dawid Stasiak 
Eve Harding – Producer 
Michael Clack – Music 
Maria Hill – Cinematographer/DoP 
Jade Zhang – Production Design 
Naomi Onakunle – Sound Design 

AD – James Rist 
AC – Luke Shilliam 
Gaffer – Sky Fong 
Script Supervisor – Valentina Caneschi 
BTS Photography – Siwen Huang 
BTS Photography – Carolina Silva 
Graphic Design – Wiktoria Piaseczna  
Makeup – Eve Harding 
Makeup – Carolina Silva 

Behind the Scene Photos

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Dawid Stasiak