Having strange thoughts lately? Feeling as though you’re stuck in limbo? Trapped within a world of your own making, unable to wake up?

Ever wondered what it all really means?

SubLiminal welcomes you into the world of your dreams. Follow us through the bizarre domain of your brain as we lead you through a maze of party hats, balloons, masks and bees, where together we will explore the depths of the subconscious mind. Maybe we’ll find the true meaning behind it all. Or maybe we’ll find something else altogether…

Through an entrancing and surreal mix of light, gesture, voice, and sound, SubLiminal provides a strange and dreamlike, yet sculpted and scientifically informed exploration of what lies behind and beyond the conscious mind. So, take a dive into the subconscious and let yourself dream.

Who knows what you’ll find?

Cast & Crew:

Matteo Cappellini – Performer
Athena Chang – Performer

Josh Farley – Project Manager, Performer
Josh Lo – Performer/Set Designer

Holly Mcllwain – Performer

Eloise Jenkins – Performer/Costume Designer

Alex Wilson – Lighting Designer
Freyja Williams – Sound Designer
Katie Whitaker – Performer/Costume Designer

Our Experience

Creating this piece has been such a transformative experience! We’ve learnt so much. We’ve enjoyed exploring the complexities of the subconscious mind through performance and in crafting visual and auditory landscapes in which our audience can get lost. By working as a team, we have met and successfully overcome the many challenges that faced us, and have watched our ideas mutate over time. This has allowed us to shape this work into something of which we are all truly proud. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!