Self-portrait is a documentary film that attempts to poetically portray a life-drawing session. It is inspired by The Disciple of Oscar Wilde which challenges the preconception of narcissism. Without the constraint of any written script, the film preserves a natural state of interactions. The hand-held camera style mimics a quick, rough sketch. The drawing workshop serves as a platform that enables the participants to share each other’s perspectives. It highlights the creativity and the permutation of perception.  
Angel Chen (Director)

The film was produced as part of LICA373 Transgressive Cinema module


Ada Dyer 
Psychology student of Lancaster University. She is a make-up artist as well as content creator.  
John White 
Spanish and Computer Science Student in Lancaster University. He is a writer and translator that has several published works. During his IPY in Mexico at the Centro Académico para la Memoria de Nuestra América he finetuned his sensibilities for Mexican Spanish and its – often locally grounded – pace, speech rhythms and imagery. 
Hedda Dent 
A highly driven, reliable final year Spanish and Theatre BA (Hons) student at Lancaster University who welcomes challenges and working under pressure.