‘Retrospect’ is a study of the human memory, exploring how its unreliability can impact the relationships we have with those around us. The film itself is a visual representation of the memory of the protagonist who recalls a series of events wherein she witnesses a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend at a party and she decides to meet with his girlfriend. ‘Retrospect’ transgresses traditional cinematic linearity and continuity to deliver a fragmented collection of memories that represent how our memories function in real life. This project was a challenging, liberating and highly enjoyable experience which is sure to have a significant impact on my future filmmaking endeavors. 

Jessica Broad (Writer & Director)

This film was made as part of the module LICA373: Transgressive Cinema: advanced practices

Film Synopsis 

An anonymous young woman witnesses a boyfriend cheating on his girlfriend at a party. She finds his girlfriend with the intention of telling her what she saw but realises she isn’t as confident in her memories of the previous night as she originally thought. 

The human memory can be unreliable, easily influenced and tainted by our emotions, yet still remain an integral part of our daily lives and our relationships with loved ones. Can we truly trust our own memories, especially when they have such an impact on everyone around 

Crew & Cast 

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Jessica Broad