Rebecca Wood

As a student of both Fine Art and Design, I am interested in the intersection between
these two disciplines. In my art practice, I use sound and photography to play in
everyday urban spaces, in order to alter perceptions of them as purely functional. My
practice attempts to subvert urban design norms by suggesting alternative perspectives
on mundane urban objects. My work creates a world free of conventions, norms, and
assumptions; a speculative world wherein we are free to interact with objects and
spaces beyond their utilitarian ‘designed’ purposes. By making the ‘uninteresting’ into
art, I open up a much more playful and imaginative perspective on our everyday
environments; objects and spaces become animated with histories and personalities of
their own, much beyond their human-centred designed use.
The behaviour of people on the street changes when they see me out photographing or
recording sound: they stop, lean in, or slow down to try and see what has caught my
interest. They begin to notice.
My other projects