Out of My Place


Out of My Place is an immigrant musical created as a practical part of my third-year dissertation. My research is on how dream ballets create temporal and spatial discourses within musical films of the Golden Age, and this film attempts to recontextualise the dream ballet through an immigrant story. Out of My Place challenges the musical’s thwarted representation of reality for entertainment and uses techniques from musicals to tell a more intimate and personal story. The film is a labour of love from all the cast and crew who have put their precious time and effort into it. I have been hesitant whether this film is possible to make due to the complexity of the production design and every moving part of the film, but I am glad that my vision has come to life. I have directed other films over the past three years at Lancaster, but this project is the first where I have directed my own script and is certainly definitive of my personal style. 
Sky Fong (Writer & Director) 

Film Synopsis 

Monica is a Chinese immigrant living with her boyfriend, Alan. After having a lunch date with her British colleague, Bonnie, she begins to desire for something more than her monotonous life. 

This film was produced as part of a final-year practice-based dissertation project.


Monica - Yun Wen 
Bonnie - Maria Hill 
Alan - Kevin Huang 
Sarah - Scarlett Gill 

Alan - Kevin Huang 
Sarah - Scarlett Gill 
Monica - Yun Wen
Bonnie - Maria Hill 



CrewCrew List

Sky Fong - Writer & Director
Scarlett Gill - Grip
Samuel Poon - Director of Photography
Samira Shaaban - Costume, Set Assistant and Make-Up Artist
Sam Turnbull - Producers & Assistant Director
Saffron Leathem - Projection Artists
Roshan Adve - Sound Editor & 1st Assistant Camera 
Naomi Onakunle - Sound Recordists
Michaël Boucherie - Choreography Consultant
Maria Hill - Choreographer 
Luke Shilliam - Sound Recordists
 Lili Kurzfeld - Production Design Assistant
Leoni Launder - Tailor  
 Flora Ng - Script Supervisor
Eve Harding  - BTS Photographer
Eloise Cook - 2nd Assistant Camera 
Dawid Stasiak - Editor
Cara Proud - Projection Artists
Bruno Ruiz-Huerta Martinez - Backdrop Painter
Ben Branton - Composer 
Antoni Konieczny - Production Assistant
Amy Barlow - Production Designer & Backdrop Painters
Director - Sky Fong 
Producers - Sky Fong and Sam Turnbull 
Assistant Director- Sam Turnbull 

Director of Photography - Samuel Poon 
1st Assistant Camera - Roshan Adve 
2nd Assistant Camera - Eloise Cook 
Grip - Scarlett Gill 

Production Designer - Amy Barlow 
Backdrop Painters - Amy Barlow, Bruno Ruiz-Huerta Martinez 
Projection Artists - Cara Proud, Saffron Leathem 
Tailor - Leoni Launder 
Costume, Set Assistant and Make-Up Artist - Samira Shaaban 
Production Design Assistant - Lili Kurzfeld 

Sound Recordists - Luke Shilliam, Naomi Onakunle 

Choreographer - Maria Hill 
Assistant Choreographer - Yun Wen 
Choreography Consultant - Michaël Boucherie 

Script Supervisor - Flora Ng 
Production Assistant - Antoni Konieczny 
BTS Photographer - Eve Harding 

Composer - Ben Branton 

Editor - Sky Fong, Dawid Stasiak 
Sound Editors - Roshan Adve, Sky Fong 
Colourist - Sky Fong 

Behind the Scene Photos

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Sky Fong