“out of control excessiveness to the emotionally charged”

“Even though I took on the ’director’ role for this project, both Eloise and I had equal parts in the films making. Through working in close collaboration we explored themes close to our personal interests within feminism. From a directing standpoint, it was really important to ensure all elements, from cinematography to production design to acting were cohesive to the film’s core message of addressing ’female hysteria’.”

Samira Shaaban (Director)

This film was made as part of the module, LICA373: Transgressive Cinema: advanced practices.

Film Synopsis 

Film Synopsis OOCETTEC was created as part of a transgressive film university module, and its themes are quite relevant to the creators. It centres on two women who slowly fall into a state of ‘female hysteria’, putting this concept on screen in order to highlight its ridiculousness and satirise it.

Samira Shaaban: Director, Producer, Production Designer, Sound Designer.
Eloise Jenkins: Director of Photography, Editor, Sound Designer. 
Rachel Wyche: Sound Designer and Composer.

Crew & Cast 

Samira Shaaban - Director
She has worked primarily as a production designer on multiple short films, and has experience in directing and camera work. Her most recent work was as Director and co-creator of ‘OOCETTEC’, a 2024 short transgressive film. She is currently a student filmmaker at Lancaster, studying Film and Theatre BA Hons.

Holly McIlwain - Actor
Holly is a Theatre and Creative Writing student, and has acted in both theatre and film at student level, and finds it exciting to get involved in new, unique and creative works. 

Freya Baker - Actor
Freya has previously worked on theatre productions for her degree work, and enjoys trying new things within film work. She is a third year currently studying Drama, Theatre and Performance studies.

Eloise Jenkins - Director of Photography and Editor
She has worked as a cinematographer, editor and director on multiple short and documentary films. A creation that she is proud of is her 2023 experimental film ‘sense-less’. She is currently a student filmmaker at Lancaster, studying Film and Theatre BA Hons.

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Samira Shaaban