Nina Rasekhi Casan

My practice is a contemporary response to the historical genre of trompe l’eoil – from the French term, to ‘fool the eye’. Using painterly processes in concert with spatial interventions, informed to some degree by the work of Cornelis Norbertus Gijsbrechts, I explore the ways in which illusion challenges not only our perception of an image held on a two-dimensional surface but also the physical space of its encounter.  

The material investigation of my work is focused on oil painting techniques and principles that allow me to create realistic mimicry of artists materials or spaces, through a combination of real objects and their painted imitations. Developed from painted imitation of oil-paint tubes, paint brushes, and artists tape, my work has developed into reconstructed faux walls. The progression into space has allowed for a more open dialogue, where the viewer is becoming progressively more aware of the artifice and of the different layers of illusion created within the composition of real objects and illusory painting.