Molly O’Leary

My work has transitioned from painting to weaving over the past year as I have experimented with how to translate painted abstract images to a textiles-based practice. Taking inspiration from the women of the Bauhaus weaving workshop, I aim to showcase weaving in a fine art context, exploring the art/craft divide, and looking at where I can successfully blur those boundaries. 

My most recent work, a triptych, is inspired by the landscapes of my childhood home of Eryri/ Snowdonia National Park, depicting (left to right) the red/brown of the earth, the blue/green of the sea, and the yellow/orange of the sun. The choice of open frame refers back to the divide between what is considered craft and what can be construed as fine art. I want to embrace the reality that these pieces are traditional, painstakingly, hand-woven textiles, whilst honouring the fact that they justifiably belong in a fine art exhibition. I am particularly interested in the notion of framing within the pieces themselves too, always trying to create the impression of looking through a window. There is a strong theme of repetition within my work, with a slight shifting of the position of the main box and colours across the three panels as the eye moves from left to right.