Milly Hughes

I am captivated by the intersection of architecture and narrative. My practice revolves around capturing the essence of architectural elements through collages. I construct my collages by experimenting with multiple versions of the same images until I achieve the desired arrangement. The architectural structures are contrasted with diverse images to tell a compelling narrative and highlight interesting dynamics in the world. This juxtaposition explores how these structures can serve as powerful tools to convey deeper meanings. I work primarily with acrylic paints on wooden painting boards and fabric canvases. By painting directly from collages, I carefully select and highlight the most significant elements, including the intriguing tears and rips in the paper, and eliminate any blank spaces to ensure every part of the composition contributes meaningfully to the narrative. This approach allows me to create a more focused and cohesive narrative. Each tear and rip in the collage is not an imperfection, but a deliberate choice to emphasize the collage’s beauty as a piece itself and the texture and depth of the combined images. 

Architecture in my work goes beyond just the structures and buildings; it is about the stories they tell and the power of their presence when placed in contrast with unexpected imagery. This contrast challenges viewers to see architectural forms from a different perspective, encouraging them to uncover layers of meaning that might not be immediately visible. The paintings are presented separately on the wall, corresponding to the places on the collage, creating a dialogue between the paintings. I aim to invite viewers into an interactive experience, using each painting to piece together the collage to uncover the narrative. My practice creates a space where the narrative emerges from the interplay of images and structures.