Menina E Moça 

Film Synopsis

'Menina e Moça' is a short film created as part of the ‘LICA359 Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice’ module about memories and identity made with found footage and combined with a movement-based performance. 

This film was made as part of the module LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice .

Ana Maria Martins 

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer 

Ana Maria Martins is a 3rd year BA Hons Film and Theatre student who has experience working as a Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, and Dancer in student short films and plays. Namely, she worked on the short films Boarding the Midnight Train (2022) and As We Go (2023).


Ana Maria Martins                                                             as herself, dancer and POV                                            
Alice Maria Martins                                                           as Family voices and faces in found footage
Beatriz Maria Martins
Raquel Rosa
José Sequeira Martins
Leonilde Gonçalves
António Rosa
Alzira Sequeira Martins
Luís Sequeira Martins
Rui Sequeira Martins
Constança Castanheira Vilafanha
Patrícia Castanheira
Marta Fernandes

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