Look Out For Your Friends

Film Synopsis 

This film explores the lives of four university students sharing a house - Connor, Andy, Beth and Tina. The film investigates their day-to-day lives. After a night partying, three of the housemates dismiss their friend's strange behaviour, such as nausea and confusion, under the impression that he is hungover. Connor is found unconscious the next morning and in fact his symptoms were a result of contracting meningitis. If Connor’s housemates had checked on him, he could have been saved. This film therefore raises awareness for meningitis, particularly amongst students and the importance of looking after each other.

Edie Simpkins (Director)

This film was made as part of the module LICA259: Short Film Production.

Edie Simpkins – Creator, Writer, Editor
Hao Zhai – Director, Extra
Eda Chu – Producer
Peter Zhou – Sound Designer 
Dai Qiyue – Cinematographer 
Jamie Fung – Production Designer 


Hugo Light – Connor
Grace Harvey-Nguyen – Beth
Sadbh McKeown – Tina
Aison Cheng – Andy
Olivia Draycott – Extra
Andrew Roberts – Extra

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Edie Simpkins