Liv Boyle

At the heart of all my artistic endeavours is a focus on social dynamics. I am inspired by human interaction and the way we perceive relationships between objects, and use this to depict various social situations. I seek to represent inter-relational communication that escapes verbal description – straddling a space between abstract expressionism and symbolism. Through my practice, I have developed my understanding of colour and composition. My use of brushstrokes as a visual language allows me to create work that transcends the literal, while presenting a situation free of figurative symbolism. By transforming complex social dynamics into simple brushstrokes, I explore the underlying dynamics that shape our social interactions and the subtle nuances within the complexities of these relationships. 

My process involves a series of small preliminary studies, both on paper and canvas. It is vital that each component is executed in a precise and considered manner. I trial a number of colours and compositions in order to critically assess what works best and why. When transferring onto a larger canvas, I make my own tools to achieve the same brush-mark as the smaller studies without compromising the immediacy of the brushstroke. I want my work to evoke a range of interpretations, I want the viewer to find their own stories within the paintings. Ultimately, my work addresses the subtle yet profound ways we experience the company of others.