Life, So Far

"Life, So Far" is an avant-garde exploration of chance and subconscious interaction through Dada and surrealist techniques. Shot on a seashore and a bedroom, the film captures instinctive, random footage, blending it with deep psychological themes. It features sequences like aggressive feet stomping, symbolizing violence, and gum bubbles reflecting mechanical human aspects. The film culminates in a unique viewing experience where the monitor is destroyed mid-screening, challenging passive spectatorship and commercialism. Accompanied by a jazz soundtrack emphasizing improvisation and chance, "Life, So Far" defies traditional narratives, embracing the chaotic, unpredictable essence of life. 

Bruno Ruiz-Huerta Martinez (Director)

This film was made as part of the module LICA359: Experimental Cinema: Theory and Practice.

Bruno Ruiz-Huerta Martinez 

I'm a Fine Art & Film major who has done editing, acting, and production design in previous student short films.

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Bruno Ruiz-Huerta Martinez