Libby Wauson

I am currently an undergraduate at Lancaster University studying BA Hons Fine Art. During my practice at LICA, I have developed as an artist, becoming heavily driven to explore materiality of unconventional mediums and techniques; to push traditional boundaries of art and design. I have gained knowledge from my interdisciplinary minor modules - gender and woman studies, criminology and creative enterprise – to convey critical yet vital messages of the human condition, through my studio practice.  

To understand my art, you must first free yourself of preconceived ideologies associated with what art should be. Influenced by feminist artists such as Sarah Lucas, Stephanie Sarley and Carole Schneemann, I curate sculptures of feminine features such as breasts and busts. Most recently, I have thrived in making these by experimenting with unconventional materials: balloons, tights, expanding foam, makeup, hot glue and rhinestones. These featured works of hanging orbs with hair follicles, showcase disturbing interpretations of the female nude. Evoking unease, disgust, yet interest within my audience.  

Consequently, my work becomes subjective to challenge traditional Western depictions of the female form due to their grotesque and uneasy appearance. My work is a useful addition to contemporary art as it allows an insight of how traditional western depictions and contemporary feminist perspectives of the female nude has influenced a modern artist.