Lalita Charoenying

My paintings engage with the context of the relationship between people and nature as well as culture, with a particular focus on my home country, Thailand. Here, the natural world and human life are deeply intertwined, creating a tapestry of traditions, or everyday practices that shape our cultural identity. This blend of nature and culture inspires me profoundly, and I seek to capture this essence in my paintings. 

My approach to art is deeply influenced by the concept of East Asian art, with its appreciation for the beauty of empty space and the suggestion of subjects through carefully rendered edges. In my paintings, rather than depicting scenes exactly as they are, I attempt to express the feeling of the moment: convey the sense of almost nothing and everything. I capture the core beauty of empty space in the use of fluid colours, creating soft effects and an atmospheric scene. The gestures of my brushstrokes and the fluidity of colours aim to evoke the subtle beauty of my country. Also, I apply marks or leave heavy brush strokes on the elements that represent my cultural identity, such as people or objects.  

I aim to express the tranquility and healing found in the quiet interactions between people and nature. This serenity is a central theme in my work, reflecting the peaceful and contemplative spirit of beauty found in everyday life. I hope that people can experience the tranquil atmosphere and slowly feel the quiet, a moment of calm amid life’s chaos, where one can pause and find solace in the serene beauty surrounding us.