Katie White-Musson

My practice explores the materiality of found objects through collage and painting. I develop illusionary forms through oil paintings that reference and layer my previously produced collages and works.  

My practice is influenced by ‘accidental’ and ‘found object’ artwork, as well as illusionary works such as trompe l’œil, specifically, the work of artists, Hannah Höch, Kurt Schwitters and Cornelis Gijbrechts. My approach to collage and the way in which I combine collage and trompe l’œil painting establishes a dialogue between these two modes of expression. The intuitive and unplanned collages are transformed into something intentional, through the act of painting. 

My decision to focus on the reverse side of the initial collages reflects my interest in the ideas of accidental art and the found object. The inherently unintentional aspect of my works – the reverse – are fundamentally as interesting and layered as the front of the collage, so therefore I chose to explore it in my paintings. Choosing to make this unintentional artwork intentional.  

Each collage is an abstract piece, with focus on form and colour created intuitively and without a plan. As a result, each collage is unique and self-contained but part of a larger body of work, built from influences gained whilst creating. The collages are folded atop each other to form new layered piece, using tape to connect the works. These new collages then are transformed into paintings; these initial object-based works are now turned into another work entirely.  

The art I have produced over the last two years is a collective of works that are continually building and developing in response to each other; referencing and gaining vital parts from each other.